This page aims to provide resources and links to support Waterwatch related activities and interests in the Upper Murrumbidgee catchment.

This page is partly a duplication of, and links to, the resources on the ACT Waterwatch Library page, where you may feel free to browse and download any of the publications listed here.

Monitoring Materials

Phys/Chem Data Sheets (PDF 127KB) please contact Antia if you require this sheet in a Word format
Macro-invertebrate Monitoring Sheets (PDF 15.3KB) and Macro ID sheets (PDF 519KB)
Platypus Count Monitoring Sheets (MS Word 152KB)
Rapid Assessment of Riparian Condition Booklets (PDF 708KB)
Experimental Filamentous Algal Rating System (PDF 6.0MB) and associated flowchart (PDF 92.8KB)

Education Materials

Sustaining River Life: A years K-12 curriculum and activities guide for teachers and natural resource managers
Our Water: Source Water Protection for the ACT (PDF 1.5MB) (from the Southern ACT Catchment Group website)


Red-Eared Slider Turtle Identification (PDF 2.5MB)

Data Confidence

Data Confidence Plan (PDF 255KB)
Upper Murrumbidgee Waterwatch Manual (PDF 9.4MB)


Below are links to organisations with river and catchment related interests in the Cooma Waterwatch region:
Australian Platypus Conservancy
Bush Heritage Australia (Scottsdale Reserve)
Cooma Monaro Shire Council
Kosciuszko2Coast or K2C
Murrumbidgee CMA
Numeralla Landcare
NSW Office of Water
Snowy River Shire Council
Snowy Scientific Committee
Upper Murrumbidgee Catchment Coordinating Committee or UMCCC
Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach project
Upper Murrumbidgee Landcare or UMLC